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Connectorized Amps / GaAs Fets / GaN Amps / Gunn Diodes / HiRel and Space / Hybrid Modules / Low Cost Packages / MMIC Amps / WiMax / Wireless Amps
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New Products

Featured Products
MwT is highly innovative and our team of expert engineers are always looking for new ways to meet our customers needs.  Contact MwT for your custom needs.

 RF & Microwave discrete semiconductor products, wireless amplifiers, WiMax power amplifiers, WiFi, WiLan, Gunn Diodes, GaAs Fets RF & Microwave discrete semiconductor products, wireless amplifiers, WiMax power amplifiers, WiFi, WiLan, Gunn Diodes, GaAs Fets

WiMax Power Amplifiers Gan and GaAs
High Linearity Power Amplifier products for the 802.11 WiFi and the emerging 802.16 WiMax base station applications.  High linearity and high efficiency RF power amplifier products with output power up to 10 watts, based on advanced high reliability GaN device technology.

Low Cost Packages
Low Cost Packages.

Wireless Amplifiers
Very high linearity driver and low noise amplifiers in 50 ohm fully matched packages.  Devices are available to cover all of the popular wireless telecommunications frequencies.

MMIC Amplifiers
Medium gain and medium power amplifiers realized in advanced GaAs pHEMT with on-chip via-hole grounding technology.

Hybrid Modules
Broad band and narrow band Gain stages, VCM, and TCM for integration into more complex cascaded assemblies.  All popular frequencies are supported and custom design is available.

GaAs Fet and pHempt Devices
A complete range ultra-linear, high dynamic range, and low phase noise MESFETs and Power Phemt chips and packaged FET transistors available with various screening levels, idss ranges, and wafer selections.  Samples are available.

Gunn Diodes
Available in both chip and ceramic packages.  MwT's gunn diodes use our proprietary epitaxial profile design and process technology.  Proven reliability for commercial, hi-rel, and space applications.

Connectorized Microwave Amplifiers
MwT has been a leading manufacturer of high performance amplifiers since founded in 1982.  Capabilities include wide-band and narrow-band GaAs FET and pHEMT amplifiers, low noise pHEMT amplifiers, and medium power options.

Space and Hi-Rel
MwT offers customized screening similar to Class H and Class K screening, as well as element and group screening.  MIL-PRF-38534 is used as a reference document.

Custom Products
MwT is well known for it's ability to design product to fit a customer's need.  Custom options include, but are not limited to, customer packaging, multiple inputs and outputs, input power limiters, activity and fault detection, internal filtering and gain shaping, gain and power control, and much more.

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