MwT Gunn Diodes

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Gunn Diodes:
bulletThe MwT-GK Gunn Diode is targeted at CW and pulsed K-band (18-26.5 GHz) frequency source applications.  Typical Applications for this device include Motion Detection and Surveillance, Microwave Transmitter and Receiver, Military Radar, Gunn Diode Oscillators and Radar Detectors.

Typical performance at 25 C

S-Para Part


MwT-GK-C   18 - 26.5 13.0 Chip
  MwT-GK-P   18 - 26.5 13.0 Pill pack


MwT-GX-C   8 - 14 15.0 Chip
  MwT-GX-P   8 - 14 15.0 Pill pack

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